NFJGreetings all,

Welcome to what is looming as an incredibly exciting year of 
Rugby and thank you all for continued support of Rugby Union in New South Wales.

Rugby Union is a game steeped in tradition and is renowned for its respectfulness and 
consideration towards all participants. However, with this tradition comes a great 
responsibility; a responsibility to maintain the respect towards all that participate and 
contribute to making our game great.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the ‘Respect Rugby’ program which, in association with 
the ‘Play by the Rules’, a Government initiative to help make sport inclusive, safe and fair, 
has been created to be proactive to help us maintain these mighty traditions of our game 
that we can sometimes take for granted. We understand that many of our affiliates continue 
to provide great environments for those who participate; the program is designed as a best 
practice model and to be used as an information resource and guideline for all.

I recommend the program to all and wish you all the very best for the forthcoming season.

See you on the sideline,

Nick Farr-Jones 
NSWRU, Chairman